New Universal Login Experience [Product Roadmap: Launched]

Is 2021 still the target?

Yes that is correct.

Hi, this question is a fairly important one for us as well. Any update anyone can provide on the subject?

I know there is a prompt option, not sure however if it applies to this.

On another subject, is there an option to get the user’s Name and Last name on any of the steps?

Thank you for the reply.

Hi @konrad.sopala is this still on the roadmap for 2021?

Yes it’s still there however unfortunately I still have no public updates regarding that.

Hi @konrad.sopala thanks for your reply. Just wanted to check if this is still on the 2021 roadmap? We urgently need the ability to sign in with passwordless via the universal login page.

Hey there it is. I will let you know once there is more public facing information on that front. Thank you!

Hi @konrad.sopala thanks for getting back to me! I just wanted to check if this is still on the 2021 public roadmap as it’s nearing the end of 2021 and we need to know if we need to migrate away from Auth0.

Hey there unfortunately I’ve got bad news for you. Passwordless with New Universal Login will be available in 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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@konrad.sopala any more precise eta than 2022?

Hey there @AndreasHald !

I’m this type of community engineer who always do their best to advocate for customer needs and it’s not only about fighting for your needs but also communicating the info I have from all the teams. If I had specific month I would clearly say that but unfortunately as of now even internally we don’t know the exact dates. Will let you know as soon as I know more details!

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Thanks, we’re looking forward to it, sorry if my comment was understood at harsh or incessent. That was not my intention.

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Yep no worries! Totally understand your situation. I would be doing the same if I were you

Is there a plan in the roadmap to allow CSS customization to New Universal Login Page widget? currently we can’t modify the widget itself and it won’t be compatible with our Classic Universal Login page.

Hey there @AAbdelwahed

Unfortunately not. The reason to it is that New Universal Login was always designed to be a lightweight version of Classic version and because of that it doesn’t give you so much flexibility in terms of customisation.