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New Universal Login Experience Beta


This Community category is here to discuss the New Universal Login Experience.

The New Universal Login Experience is a reimagined login flow, implemented in a way that does not require JavaScript and produces more lightweight web pages. It will be the foundation of our future Universal Login features. You can read more about it here.

All customers can enable the Beta in the Dashboard’s Universal Login section. As with any Beta version, it is not recommended for use in Production applications. At this time, it does not have feature parity with our Classic experience, is heavily rate-limited, and may contain bugs. We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out the beta version.

The beta period will run for a limited period of time. General Availability will come later this year (2019).

We will only provide support for this Beta feature in this Community category.


In general the cleaner look is nice, but I have one piece of feedback that would prevent our using the new experience in production if given the option.

We have some users that authenticate via enterprise sources and like the current email input box that properly inspects their domain and connects them to the proper enterprise SSO system we’ve integrated.

The new experience appears to call out these connections explicitly with a “Continue with <customer’s domain>” button below the social auth buttons. Even if I liked this (which I don’t, to be clear), one particular customer of ours would definitely request this to be removed as they won’t want their name displayed like this.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

We mentioned that behavior as a current limitation in our [docs](here

We are planning to provide a way for you to decide which behavior you want per-connection (show button, use ‘home realm discovery’, do both). Do you think that would work for your customers?




@andres.aguiar I didn’t come across that list of limitations, thanks! It helps me understand how to evaluate the beta better.

If the behavior is configurable on a per-connection basis in the future and we can just use home realm discovery we’d be fine. If and when it’s available in beta I’ll definitely test things out more thoroughly.

I can see how if we had a different system architecture where we had few enterprise connections per Auth0 tenant (and basically unique Auth0 tenants per customer) it would be helpful to have a 1-click button instead of the vague email input.


How does the upstream_params are handled with the new version. Say for an example, we are using login_hint to populate the username following up from a native account selection process.



There are no changes in how authentication to an external identity provider happens in the new experience. The options documented here are still valid, so that should still work.




The look is great however is not option to translate to spanish


Thanks for the answer,
In the classic option, you would do the following to add a prefill:
prefill: loginHint ? { email: loginHint, username: loginHint } : null,
In, specifically mentioned if we customize the page, we will end up reverting to the classic experience.
Do you intend to handle upstream_params in New Login experience without having to use customize option?


For the use case where you want to pre-fill the username field on the login prompt, we are thinking to support passing the standard login_hint argument to the /authorize call directly. Would that work for you?

Is not yet supported on the Beta version, but we plan to add it. However, this is independent of the upstream_params configuration, which is used to forward options to another identity provider.


Excellent, That would be perfect.


Thanks for the feedback! Translation are not there yet, but they are coming :), and Spanish will be included.


Hi there,

Are you able to disclose the plans (if any) for customising the layout and/or styling of the new login experience?

Or will the recommendation be to use classic if you want to customise?



Currently, when you select an experience you are selecting the style for non-customized pages. Once you decide to customize it, you can do whatever you want.

That said, we are planning to give more ways to tweak the appearance of the login flow without resorting to full customization. Do you have any concrete examples of the kind of layout/styling do you want to get?




Hi @andres.aguiar

Thanks for the info!

One customisation we are looking at is placing the Email/Password fields behind a “Login with legacy account” button (similar to the “Login with Google” and such buttons).

My question was more directed at the fact that the new experience is rendered server side instead of client side so I was wondering if the roadmap had plans for allowing customisations that were rendered on the server side.

From your answer though it sounds like customisations will continue to use client side render (basically the Classic experience).



We are planning to let you customize the server-side one too, we have a few ideas we’ll be exploring soon.

For that specific case, I’d solve it by having 2 applications in Auth0, one with the DB connection enabled, and another with an enterprise connection federating to the first application. In the new UL experience, the second one will render a button with 'Continue with '.

We’ll be making federating Auth0 to Auth0 simpler in the near future, so that option should be simpler to implement.

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Looks nice to me. Just one question: Is that possible to change the universal login logo per application? if we can read the application logo from the picture I posted and display it that will be great


Any news on the login_hint parameter ?


Hi @jiaxiang.liu

It’s not currently possible, but it’s something we are considering. If you can share with me details about what are you trying to accomplish it would be great. Feel free to email me directly to andres.aguiar at auth0



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