New fields randomly added? app_metadata, voucher, persistent, etc

Has anyone noticed new fields being randomly added to their tenants? For example, last week we started getting app_metadata where we hadn’t before. Today we are getting “persistent” then “voucher”. This messes up our implementation since we throw an error on “unknown” fields (for security reasons). But it looks like Auth0 can willy nilly add fields without notifying us first so we can change code – so maybe we need to ignore unrequited fields? What gives?

Hi @robertdifalco

When you talk about “fields”, what do you mean?

app_metadata is a field inside the user structure. I don’t know about persistent or voucher.

If they are appearing in your user structure, I’d look to your rules, hooks, or management API calls to find out who is updating them.

All changes should appear in your tenant logs, are you exporting these and checking them for the modifications?


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