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New Beta Program for Authorization Groups

We are currently looking for a few additional customers to try our Beta Groups in our Core Platform. If you are currently using Groups in the Authorization Extension or are interested in implementing Groups in our Core RBAC offering, then please send @steve.reeling a direct message.

Some of the capabilities of the Group feature:

  • Create a Group
  • Add users from a Database connection (note: this release does not support users from a Custom DB, Social, or Enterprise connection)
  • Associate Roles to the Group
  • Users that are a member of a Group will receive all the corresponding Permissions associated to the Roles

Again, if you want to participate, please send @steve.reeling a direct message.


When will it be GA? we are waiting for it for a while :slight_smile:

Hi there @akuka, we are still taking customer feedback from the beta program before going GA. We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject if you have the time, please let @steve.reeling or I know :slight_smile: