.NET Multitenant using Multiple Client Registrations

I am scouting out an approach for a multi tenant web application utilizing multipe Auth0 client applications registrations. This approach seems to offer the most flexibility for our situation. One hurdle I have come to is that the OpenId Connect middleware registers the clients in on application startup. I had hoped to find a way to use the various notifications to alter the Authentication and Token request. However this is appearing to either not be possible or not easily accomplished.

Has anyone else utilized multiple Auth0 application registrations in order to do similar? I’m hoping to find some high level direction if so. I don’t know if this is going to work but an idea I had is to have a tenants config file to loop through in order to configure the various tenants on app start. This would likely be perfectly fine for the frequency we would add tenants.

I’m just curious what people are doing with .net web applications and multiple Auth0 registrations.