Need to have MFA options enabled to force email verification?

I am looking at adding Auth0 to our native application. At first it seemed that to send and email verification email with a link, I needed to enable options in the Dashboard under MFA.

It is hard to tell from the documentation if the out of the box registration use case accounts for sending a verification email or if I need to have several settings enabled in the dashboard. Thanks!

Hello @rpvanden,

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You shouldn’t need to enable MFA to for email verification to work. All you should need to do is set up an SMTP provider. Are there any additional details you can provide? Error messages, logs, etc.

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Hi! Thank you for the response. I have no further details at this time, since I’m just getting started. Looking at the dashboard it made it seem like I needed to set up MFA to send an email verification. Knowing this, I feel better that this may be a good solution for us.

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Let us know @rpvanden if you have any other questions down the road!