Need more explanation for docs manage-email-flow

I want to ask how to use verification email by using request with auth0-rules
i dont understand the payload json:{
    url: '',
    json: {
      user: user,
      context: context,
      secretToken: configuration.MY_SECRET_TOKEN,

How do i get secretToken, where is the place on dashboard to get it ? this is not access_token right ? since this token is fixed one,
is this management api token ? i’ve tried every token i know

and then how to get “your api” & “your company”,
are they my domain ? like ?

or perhaps “your api” is audience api ?
and “your company” is tenant name ?

Hey there!

You’re definitely trying to grasp too many concepts at the same time :slight_smile: Let’s start from the beginning :slight_smile: Can you tell me more about what you want achieve? Why you want to implement verification email flow inside rules?

i don’t want every users to receive email-verification when registering,
i differentiate the users by their user_metadata on the first registering from /dbconnections/signup api

Well then I think you can utilise this one:

and based on that set email_verified property to true

what you suggested is what i was questioning about,
if you look on top, i placed the link refer to what you just share about,
it’s the manage-email-flow a.k.a customize-email-handling

im questioning how to use it, because the docs lack of explanation,
what is the secretToken about, is it management token or what ? i have tried all tokens i know, and have no clue, where do i get that secretToken for the configuration ?

and ,
your api -> audience api
your company -> tenant name ? are they correct ?

hello, is there any explanation regarding the docs ?