Navigation is blocked: com.${applicationId}://${applicationId}/callback

“react-native”: “0.61.5”,
“react-native-auth0”: “^2.3.1”,
debugging on an Samsung S9

Hi, I am currently implementing Swedish BankID as IdP in my react native app using auth0 and criipto. When logging in I use the react-native-auth0 library and its webauth function.

When I click “log in” I get redirected to the auth0 universal login page. I select the bankID option, get redirected to the BankID IdP page, type in my password, get redirected back to the browser, and then get stuck on a blank page. From dev tools I can see the following error message:

Navigation is blocked: com.{applicationId}://{applicationId}/callback?code=randomstring

note that I have replaced the actual applicationid, the domain and the randomstring with placeholders.

I do use the android:launchMode=“singleTask”, I do have the signs in android:pathPrefix="/android/{applicationId}/callback"
android:scheme="${applicationId}" />
I have followed the quickstart guide with regards to the callback url etc. I can see that the login was successful and the metadata is there in dev tools. The problem seems to be that the app cannot be opened from chrome. Although it does work when logging in with google for example.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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