Multiple User type registration

I have a single page site with one login/registration button for user type ‘sellers’ and configured with universal login and lock template. This is working fine.

I now need 2 register button for Sellers and Buyers on the same page. Please advise how can I implement with same tenent id.

Hey there!

Can you share with us more context and info around the tech stack you use?

It is a React site.

Right now when a user registers we are setting user_metadata value role as seller in the pre registration hook and getting the metadata ‘role’ back to UI when user logs in.

We need to create another button for Buyer login/registration where any user registers using the button the metadata role should be set to Buyer and return the same value when the user log in.

Thank you for sharing article and information. this is very helpful for me.

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Can a seller also be a buyer?

If yes, then you need more work - a two button approach isn’t sufficient.

If no, then I would associate each button with a different application/connection one for buyers, and one for sellers. This is within the same tenant.