Multiple domains Wordpress, one login for all and share data


We have 6+ domains with each a Wordpress installation (info domains). All share the same theme, but have different content. Beside the info domains, we have a shop on a different domain. From the info domains, we send people towards the shop.
In the shop people can create a login.

On the info domains, we want a button where people can create a login or login.

The info of these people will stay in the Shop DB, but we want to share some login data across the info domains. For example: “Welcome back John…”.

Is it possible with Auth0 to share a login session between different domains?
And if so, is it possible to share some basic info like a firstname (which will be stored in Auth0) between the domains while logged in on Auth0?

Is it also possible to see inside Auth0 which domain and page people were on while creating a login?

Thanks for answers.


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