Multiple accounts per tenant? per email?

Hey there,

I have an application where dentists sign up and have the ability to add assistants. I would like for assistant accounts be isolated from each dentist.

For example: Both Dentist John and Dentist Peter could add the assistant with email, because each “dentist” is its own tenant/domain/account.

Is this something that is achievable? I would like a kick in the right direction because I haven’t found any clear documentation on how to achieve this.

In advanced, many thanks for your response.


I’m new to auth0, so I might be totally wrong with this. But just giving it a quick thought and based on terminology your using. If each dentist is its own tenant, wouldn’t you be able to associate each one with it’s own database/connection?


Jerime is right - you can use different database connections for different dentists. This will make the userbases separate for each dentist.

You may want to create different Auth0 applications as well, and only enable the corresponding DB connection to the application.

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@thameera Is there a limit on database/connection? Isnt database connection only available on enterprise?

Database connections are available on all plans (except custom DBs). The limitations on the number of connections for different plans can be found here: Entity Limit Policy