Multiple account detection

A person could use different e-mails to create multiple user accounts. This is especially bad if there is something like a free trial period or similar. Therefore, I want to request if auth0 can help to detect if a person creates multiple user accounts and inform the application owner.

E.g. detecting if someone logs in with different e-mails for the same application from the same IP address.
E.g. if different e-mails have the same password hash.

Hello, @Rannick!

You could check this via Rules, if you are under a trial period, you should be able to test them.

You could see if there is a pre-made rule that could help with the desired flow, or create a new one, that reads the IP where the users are trying to sign up from, or something similar.



Hello Karen,

Thank you for the quick reply.
Could you provide me with examples how to compare password hashes with rules?

I can handle the IP detection on our side.