Multi applications and connections for a Saas product, how to manage it the right way?

I am working on a Saas product that allows consumers to upload video into their library, to create live streaming events, etc. (in a way a youtube :wink: ). I need to add an authentication layer on public video and live pages. Consumers should have the ability to restrain the access (via registration or invitation) to some video. So far, it seems Auth0 can handle all the specifications required.

I’m just worried about the rate limitations concerning applications and connections that are set at 100. The way I see it, I should create one application per consumer and one connection per video or live. So I ensure each video/live page has its own DB connection, and no users are shared between them.

Given the current limitation, I should not exceed 100 consumers nor 100 video pages, which is clearly not an option.

Is there something I miss here? Should I create one tenant per user, but in that case, is the 100 rate limit per tenant, or per account?

I hope it’s clear, if not i’ll be happy to re-explain with other words :slight_smile:

Hi @geosigno

Can you link to the page where you see that rate limit? I think you are misinterpreting it.
I suspect you are talking about the API rate limits, which are requests per time unit, not absolute.


Hi, it is there:

Ok, sorry, didn’t realize it was self serve.
To avoid this, you’ll have to update your subscription.


Yes but according to the doc, even though I update my subscription to a pro plan, I’ll still have the 100 limitation right?

Correct. At that level of usage you need more than a self service plan.