Moving to express-openid-connect from passport-auth0

I put this in the SDK section, but maybe that’s the wrong place?

Because it was being promoted by auth0, I decided to try out this package, with the idea that maybe it was a little slicker for authentication and renewal, and might offer more fine-grained control of the login process without the arcane overhead of node-passport.

Here’s the main question:
How do you get user permissions for RDAC with this system? I’ve got it turned on in the console, and it works fine for the passport methods, and I can get scopes by using a Rule or an Action on login by adding them to the idToken, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get permissions copied into the idToken.

Secondary question: How does this library use storage? It is not creating an express-session, despite being configured like one; req.session is not initialized and seems unavailable for use. How is it envisioned it will be used? Should I even be looking at it?

But maybe this is fool’s errand, and the express-openid-connect package doesn’t really support the full Auth0 functionality?