Modify password reset email for blocked user

We have a similar request as documented in this topic: Prevent password reset for blocked users.

As documented in that topic, we have implemented the support to handle the blocked user in the application itself, however, we still see users trying to reset their password.
Since the password reset flow is also kicked off for blocked users, the user will receive an email with a password reset link; this suggests to the user that the issue is with their password.

We would like to modify the outgoing email and the previous topic mentions the Auth0 documentation showing how to do so.
Although there are plenty of variables available to be used in the email template, there is nothing that shows if the user is blocked or not. The only option we now see, is to replicate the state to the users app_metadata field and use that field to customize the email.
This results in coding time and duplicate data in the user object; both of which we would like to prevent.

Are there any other options to achieve this?
Is there an option to request adding the users state to the variables available in the template?