Modal button styling with Blocksy Theme on WordPress

Hi Community,

I’m using the modal shortcode provided by Login by Auth0 WordPress plugin in Blocksy theme. However, the button shows up as text on the frontend.

Blocksy Theme support had the following conclusion and comments and said this is something Auth0 needs to take care of.

The reason why the button is not styled under Blocksy, is because we use a separate class to style buttons (ct-button) and do not style the HTML button directly.

we cannot fix this from our end, because the plugin (Login by Auth0) does not add the necessary classes to the button. If they were to have a “custom class” option, that would be an easy fix. It works with other themes, because other themes use the generic “button” class, which is bad developer practice and can interfere with other plugins down the road. Please contact their (Auth0’s) support team and ask them to dynamically get the class for the buttons from the theme, or have an option to specify its class manually.

Is there a possibility to add a class to the “Login” button when using the Auth0 modal by the Login by Auth0 WordPress plugin? I haven’t been able to find the option.

PS: I also posted this problem on the WordPress support forum for the Auth0 plugin but sadly, there’s no response yet. Hope someone could help here please.

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