Migrating users from ASP.NET Membership Using Bulk Import

I did a search on this topic and found something related, but the suggestion was to use the automatic migration service: Migrate users from ASP.NET Membership Database.

I’m using an ASP NET Membership provider and want to use specifically the bulk import service to migrate to Auth0. I want my users to preserve their passwords upon migration without resetting their password. The passwords are automatically hashed by the Membership API using HMACSHA256.

For reference, here is one of the users I want to import:
“email”: “test@test.io”,
“given_name”: “ExampleCo User”,
“name” : “ExampleCoUser20”,
“custom_password_hash”: {
“algorithm”: “hmac”,
“hash”: {
“value”: “<Hash_Value>”,
“encoding”: “base64”,
“digest”: “sha256”,
“key”: {

However, when testing out the credentials of the user, they don’t seem to work properly. Is bulk importing a solution I can use for this, or is it mandatory to use the automatic migration solution?

Thanks for the help.

Hey @exceed, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

As long as the hash values for the password are imported in the correct format and user import structure
the bulk import should work, and you should be able to login seamlessly with the user which is imported.

Can you DM me a test user json you are trying to import and test password from which the hash is generated if its not working for you?