Middleware API POST request with CORS issue (Passport and Auth0)


I really need your help because I’m stuck since many days…

I started developing my application with Passport authentication and I recently added Auth0 authentication.
Since this day, I don’t know why but my POST/PATCH/PUT/DELETE requests with Data are blocked with the famous CORS error “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”.
All the GET requests works fine.

When I remove the Auth0 package it works again so I don’t know if there is a conflict between Passport and Auth0 or if it’s another thing.

You can find bellow my configuration.
Many thanks for you help.

Here an extract of my Route file (tenant.php) :

Here an extract of my “AppServiceProvider.php” file :

Here an extract of my “RouteServiceProvider.php” file :