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Microsoft Graph API/Azure AD v2.0 integration?




Not sure if this is the right category but I’m wondering if there are plans to support the new Microsoft Graph API endpoint. Currently the login using the Microsoft account Auth0 feature is confusing to users because they often don’t know whether they have a “Microsoft account” or an Azure AD account – it’s all the same to them. It would be great if the login using Microsoft button could authenticate either type of account as suggested by this Microsoft article:

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Thanks for the recommendation and endpoint. I’ve suggested this feature request to our product team to review and see if we could implement going forward.



Do you have a date to release this?
I am starting a project that use Auth0 to authenticate users on Azure Active Directory but I need to use the api graph from microsoft to develope some functionallities, but I am checking that the audience for login is “” but I also need to request “