MFA invitations send users to a page that times out

I have two users that need MFA. One has had it before, but changed phones and needs it reset. The other has somehow never set it up.

I go to “MFA is enabled for this user. Send an enrollment invitation” and click the link. Both users get the link and click it, but the page times out on them and they can’t access the invite.

The users are thousands of miles apart geographically, and both are WFH so this is not a corporate network blocking issue.

What could be causing this? Thanks!

Hi @jason.fedelem,

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Are they seeing errors? Are you seeing anything in your auth0 logs? Is it like the MFA request is not responding at all?

@dan.woda sorry for the delayed response.

On the users end, it just 404’s. On the admin end, I see two events:

API Operation - Create a multi-factor authentication enrollment ticket
Enroll Started - Guardian - Start second factor enrollment

Can you have them try opening it in incognito/private browsing mode? Also, can you please DM me your tenant name?

@dan.woda incognito also 404’s. I sent you our tenant name via DM.

I will say that our Auth0 expert left the company, so I’m just figuring this out as I go.