Managing roles with .net management SDK

I have setup rules so that authorization extension roles are added to the identity token. I need to be able to mange what roles a user has via the management sdk. However, the only roles I can see from the sdk are roles from the base auth0. I can’t see any roles from authorization extension.
So my question is two fold

How can I manage authorization extension roles with management sdk, OR how can I add roles from base Auth0 to Identity token?

Either way would solve my problem. The Aut0 documents have been giving me headaches, pulling out hair here.

Hi @curelom,

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I would suggest sticking with the authorization core feature set if you are deciding between the extension vs the core. This is because the extension will eventually be deprecated and fully replaced by the core.

Adding the role to the token is fairly easy and can been seen in an example here:

If you need to interface with the extension that can be done via that specific api:

Hope this helps!


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