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Manage Hooks through the Auth0 Management API



Support the management of hooks through the Auth0 Management API.

This idea was inspired by a previously existing question, a recent comment on the same question, and also my own personal opinion.



In the original question you mentioned that hooks can be managed using the webtask API. How would that work specifically? Unfortunately, I am not sure where I should get the webtask API token from. I found samples in the Auth0 Extend documentation, but I do not know how to apply the samples to the webtasks in my Auth0 account.

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@alexander.huber would you mind posting this as question that stands by itself on the Q&A space? (you can use @jmangelo on the question so I get notified) I can later update the idea to reference it so that the process to use the Webtask API is also discoverable from here. The reason I ask is just that here the comments are just meant to discuss the idea itself and this way things are bit cleaner.