Manage guradian authenticators via API?

We have a database connection and when a user signs up, we have added both email and phone verification. This leads to two guardian authenticators being added on the users. E.g. from the “raw json” in the management API:

"guardian_authenticators": [
        "id": "email|dev_N7TEVKVuJOZkSC4x",
        "type": "email",
        "confirmed": true,
        "name": "cont***@lars******",
        "created_at": "2021-12-07T14:21:04.000Z"
        "id": "sms|dev_5EExfvtBmsx9bkNs",
        "type": "sms",
        "confirmed": true,
        "name": "XXXXXXXX6953",
        "created_at": "2021-12-07T14:21:10.000Z",
        "last_auth_at": "2021-12-07T14:21:30.000Z"

First question, the email is set on the user object, however the phone number is not: how can I retrieve the phone number for a user via the Management API? The only place I can find it is via Webhooks, but then it is masked as above, so that’s no help to me.

Second question: how to I update the phone number for a user with a guardian via the Management API? I see that if I update the email and verify the email, the guardian is updated. Good. But when I try to update the phone number I get “user is not an sms user”, so I can’t do it that way.