Long-Lived Sessions [Product Roadmap: Launched]

Support sessions for 100 days of inactivity / 365 days total timeout

With long-lived sessions, Enterprise Auth0 accounts can configure session limits with up to 100 days of inactivity (idle timeout) and up to one year in total duration (absolute timeout). This allows companies with quarterly, monthly, or other timelines to reduce friction for end-users and provide access to low-risk content and capabilities. Further, consumer-facing companies such as media can leverage long-lived sessions for improving user experiences through seamless access to content. The customer can also make the choices between long-lived sessions and password validation based on their expectations around user experience and security.

You can learn more in the launch announcement blog post here: When UX Equals Keeping or Losing the Customer.

Documentation can be found here: Configure Session Lifetime Limits.


If you have any questions regarding long lived sessions let us know by re-opening this thread!