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Logs Viewer "Pop Out"


When working with multiple screens, it would be useful to have the log viewer for a webtask in its own window to leave more room for the code editor. I know that the Logs Viewer component is available to embed into a basic html page, but is this same script hosted by my Extend deployment like the editor? Alternatively is there any functionality in the embedded editor to “pop out” the log viewer as a separate window?


Hi @alexjmathews, we don’t currently have the ability to “pop out” the log viewer, and the component is not made available stand-alone as part of your Extend deployment. I’ve added this idea to our backlog, and we will consider it going forward.


Got it! I think I’ll just host it myself on Github Pages for the time being and add a button to my editor UI to open the link with the token in a new window!.


Out of curiosity, is there a reason why you can’t directly embed the log viewer off the CDN link in the post above? The editor endpoint on your deployment is just a thin convenience wrapper that ultimately loads the editor from the CDN as well.


Well I wanted it to be in a separate window, and that window will load a very simple html page that will likely just have the html that is provided in that documentation (with the ability to receive the token via query parameters). Basically hosting my own convenience wrapper.