Logs / Log Stream - Assign users to role body missing

Regarding logging of API Operations.

I’ve noticed that particularly for the “Assign users to a role” log entry - when made using the Auth0 UI (which is a POST request to /api/v2/roles//users) the log entry has no body. This means that we can’t record which user was assigned the role in question which makes auditing difficult. We can only see that a given role has been assigned to somebody.

I wonder if this is intentional or perhaps a bug. The reason to consider it might be a bug is that in the very similar API Operation “Assign roles to a user” this log entry does include the full body so it is possible to see which roles were added to the user in question.

Is there a reason why the “Assign users to a role” has no body in the log entry or is there some configuration I can change in my tenant?