Logs API - Description field

I am working with the logs API and I am noticing an issue with the data being returned by the API.

When you browse the logs in Admin Console/Dashboard, there is a field called description that appears in the detailed JSON representation of the log. This field typically contains a friendly description of the event such as “successful login”

If you utilize the Log API - Get Log Event By Id, the description field is not returned in the response event though the documentation for the API indicates that it should be returned.

I first noticed this when I installed the extension " Auth0 Authentication API webhooks" and noticed that the log packets being sent to my endpoint did not include the description field and this was one of the key fields that we are interested in acting upon.

Has anyone else seen this?

Good morning,

Sorry for the delay. I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. When I use the endpoint
/api/v2/logs/{id} and send the request with the log id, I get this returned: { "date": "2020-05-18T12:11:06.478Z", "type": "sapi", "description": "Send an email address verification email", "client_id": "1234567", }

Please let me know if you are still having this issue and provide the request and response with sensitive data redacted.


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