Logout not logging out with React SDK

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: auth0-react
  • SDK Version: 1.8.0
  • Platform Version: Node 16.11.1
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I have a button:

const Auth0LogoutButton = () => {
  const { logout, isAuthenticated } = useAuth0();

  return <Button displayonClick={() => logout({ returnTo: window.location.origin })}>Auth0 Logout</Button>;

But upon clicking it, I am not logged out. I am not redirected or logged out - nothing happens.

My auth0 provider looks like this:


I’m kind of at a loss and cannot figure out why I’m not being logged out.

There’s also a secondary issue - unsure if it’s related: every time I refresh the webpage I am given a new access token and I’m unsure why. Surely I should retain the same access token for a while?