Login with AD/LDAP Enterprise connector

I have install and configured an AD/LDAP connector, I tested it from Auth0 Admin Panel and it works. I have deployed a sample SPA (Angular) App, the Auth0 sample app, and I can login using Google or username and password. the AD/LDAP connection is enabled for this App. How do I login using my enterprise username and password?
Thank you for your help,

Hi , if you have enabled the connection for an application, you can initiate the login flow by calling /authorize endpoint and try to login. The experience should be similar to regular database user. For AD connection, you can try using ad username instead of email. As described here:

Thank you for your help.
I managed to get the flow calling the /authorize endopoint; set the redirect_uri=https://jwt.io for testing.
The login works and I get redirected to jwt.io, but I do not get a JWT token, see attached picture: I get an access_token.
What should I do to get the JWT token instead?
Thank you