Login using Azure AD


I am trying to add Login Using Azure AD option in my application. I am on a free plan. I was able to create the connection and tested it using Try option in the connection page. I also see that This feature is not included in your current plan. Upgrade your Subscription....

I don’t understand this. I was even able to connect to Azure AD using nodejs auth0 SDK. Does that mean I can’t use enterprise connections only using Universal Login. Can someone please explain? Appreciate it. Thanks.

I’m afraid that at this time the Auth0 dashboard does not automatically prevent the usage of certain features that specific only to some subscriptions. In this case, you’re correct that a free subscription is not entitled to use an enterprise connection type.

Per (https://auth0.com/pricing/) enterprise connection would be available in developer pro and above. We understand that ideally the dashboard could completely prevent the configuration depending on the current subscription, but that currently does not happen for certain features.

Thanks, Appreciate it.