Login required new oAuth erro?

Hi, I’m using the auth0 React SDK and trying to make posts to a rails api that has been set up with the auth0 quickstart. When I try to post in the react front end I get a console error like so:

Error: Login required
at new OAuthError (errors.tsx:8)
at utils.tsx:17
at utils.tsx:39
at step (0.chunk.js:210)
at Object.throw (0.chunk.js:141)
at rejected (0.chunk.js:103)

I am logged in when I get this error. Also I’m able to make posts to the api if I use the token in the test tab of the dashboard for the rails api. I’m following along with the example listed in “Call an API” at this link https://auth0.com/docs/libraries/auth0-react

Hey there @joshisplutar!

Can I ask you to open it as a GitHub issue in the react sdk repo of ours so we can work directly on it with the repo maintainers? Make sure to share the link to the issue here with us so we can ping them. Thanks!

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