Login redirections

Occasionally while my clients try to login, they see a few cycles of refresh and redirection , then they are allowed in.

Sometimes they have to refresh the browser right after login - a few times .

What might be the reason ?


Hi Anand, welcome to the Auth0 Community.

your site refreshing, or redirecting during login can happen depending on your login flow and which IDPs your user is authenticating with.

This behavior may also indicate a redirect loop where your app is redirecting back to auth0 and authenticating multiple times. Check in your tenant logs and see if any of the users who are encountering this issue have multiple log ins or if there are any errors being logged in the tenant.

You can review the requests and responses to Auth0 in the Dev Tools of your browser to see what is happening during login.

You can also generate a HAR file in chrome and open a support case at https://support.auth0.com/ and we can assist you in understanding what is happening during the redirects.


Thank you Marcus for the reply. Will look into it.