Login page avatar


Over the past two days I have noticed that the avatar / profile pic on the login page is placed behind and therefore hidden by, the login form. This is happening both in Chrome and Firefox. Is this a bug that is being addressed?

Kind regards


I gave it a quick test with a universal login page configured to use Lock and the gravatar showed correctly; can you share a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Also, it’s important to note that if you have performed customizations of the login page this may be something caused by those customizations.

An update on this; I tested this on a tenant that was not using the Lock 11.23 and this seems a regression introduced in that version. If you can temporarily downgrade to Lock 11.22 that would mitigate the situation while the situation is fixed in a future version. Thanks for reporting and sorry for initially missing this in the test (too many test tenants on my side; my bad).