Login button greyed out with Passwordless in Native app

We are trying to use the .NET WPF library for Auth0 (version 3.1.7) on .NET 4.7.2.

When attempting to authenticate with Passwordless, the login button is greyed out in the login browser window, even when a valid email has been entered. The Passwordless (email) connection is turned on as is the Passwordless (OTP) grant type in the app settings.

If the “email” connection is explicitly specified, the login window doesn’t even appear. The request fails with access_denied.

Hi @edward.forgacs,

Can you share with us a screenshot of what you are referring to? Also, the access denied error can be fairly vague on the client side. Check the logs in your dashboard and see if there is more info.


The login button is greyed out and clicking it does nothing (even with a valid email address).

There are a bunch of errors on the logs “no email or no verification_code provided” but I will need to do some more testing tomorrow to confirm if they were generated as a result of the above or due to initial (incorrect) calling of the API.

Confirming that there are no logs generated as a result of this. We have also just updated to version 7.5.1 of the .NET client.

Can someone confirm that the .NET client is actually supported with Passwordless auth? It seems that something in our configuration is just not compatible as it is not possible to log in…