Log Search UI Enhancements [Product Roadmap: In Progress]

Customers that are using the Dashboard logs page to search logs for troubleshooting are having a hard time in finding what they need and navigating the result. To address this, we will provide a better user experience that includes out-of-the-box filters, better navigation, and full log details. This will allow our users to find the information that they are looking for, resulting in a better overall experience.

This will be an iterative process with our initial focus on introducing a simple log type filter. This filter would allow selection from multiple event types. After that, we are considering adding:

  • The ability to select all errors, warnings, etc.

  • The ability to search for logs during a specific time frame

  • Enhanced navigation so that the query results aren’t reset when the user clicks through to log details

As of right now this feature is in progress.


We have added a calendar filter for the Logs page in the Dashboard!