Log out after successful email verification


  1. Start Sign up process: enter valid email, username, password
  2. click sign up
  3. receive email verification to the mailbox, but do not verify
  4. sign in with newly created account
  5. resend verification email screen is shown
  6. click resend verification email button
  7. open mailbox and confirm email

Actual result: Email is confirmed. User is redirected to Resend verification email screen
Expected result: Email is confirmed. User is redirected to Sign In screen. Open page in a new tab

I see logout button on user resend verification email screen. But it is not obviously for user to click it.


  1. Is there any way to trigger email verification in auth0 rule and send logout request to this user?
  2. Does the first point solve the problem and I will have Expected result in this case?
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