Log Event for Post-Signup Verification Email


I’m currently working on a feature where I need to create a user via the auth0 management API and then fetch the logs for the downstream email verification that occurs automatically.

Right now I can only see logs for that email verification when it has failed (no news is good news approach).

I was wondering if it’s possible to find the log for a successful notification after signup?
I’m filtering by logTypes: ['ss', 'sv', 'svr', 'fv', 'fvr', 'fn'] - “fn” here is the failed notification; I need the inverse of that.

It logs a successful email verification for my “resend verification email” scenario, where I resend a verification link via the Jobs API and grab the “sv” or “svr” log event from that. I need to get this from the initial signup verification event.

Is it possible?

If not, is it possible to sever the automatic email verification after signing a user up, and handle it myself separately? That would give me much more control, as well as success logs, as I know they’re tracked via the Job API. (I’m aware of the create ticket approach to generate this verification link… is that another option? Disable the verification email template and send my own email via Auth0 with the link in the body? I can’t see an API for that)

Thanks in advance!