Locked out of Auth0 account by accident due to a change to our email server

I was logging into Auth0 using my google credentials. Since we are closing down our business, I closed our google suite account and moved the domain over as an alias of another google account. Now I’m unable to log into Auth0. If I enter the email address of my account and ask for a password reset, I don’t get any password reset emails. Is there some way to set my account so that I can create a password and log in without my google credentials? It is for the auth0 account esuite-apps.


Hi Mary,

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I am going to reach out on how to proceed with this case, as we need some way to verify that you are the owner of the account. I will DM you with further instructions.


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After further thought, you will probably have issues with the login because you used a social login. Can you send me your tenant name? Is it the account name you mentioned above?

Hi Dan, The tenant name is esuite-apps.us as mentioned above.

I did receive your PM, but received the following email after I tried to respond to you (screenshots provided). I’m assuming because the return path is no longer the same as it was when e-suite had it’s own google suite account.

Please let me know whatever you need to verify our account ownership. I am the account owner, and it is my credit card that gets billed every month. I can provide all the verification you need. Happy to jump on a call too.