JS error when entering a wrong credentials

We are using Auth0.OidcClient to connect auth0 from WPF/C#.
and have this script error when the wrong password is entered
Unfortunately, Auth0.OidcClient uses iexplore and shows errors in this way

Page source:
auth0-response.txt (12.7 KB)

JS error in the code:

function p(t) {
            var e = t.target;
            n(e, "data-autofilled", "")
        if (r("body._simple-labels")) return t(".c6a76fc41.no-js").forEach(function(t) {
            c(t, "no-js")
        }), void t(".c6a76fc41.js-required").forEach(function(t) {
            i(t, "cbe88e804")
        t(".ce33e759f:not(.c91685f15):not(disabled)").forEach(function(t) {
            i(t, "c878dfb9c");
            var e, n = r(t, ".input");
            n.value && i(t, "cf829de32"), 
			    a(t, "change", d), 
				a(n, "blur", d), 
				a(n, "animationstart", f), 
				e = n, 
				s(function() {
                e.value && 
                       u(                                                   <<< undefined
                           e, new Event("change", {                    
                                   bubbles: !0
            }, 100)

seems function u() is undefined.
please assist