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I've written an NPM module to support Electron.js authentication



Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong subforum.

Now that Lock for Electron.js has been deprecated, quite a few developers have been left at a loose end for securing their Electron-based desktop applications.

As a remedy, I have written electron-auth0-login, an NPM module that enables PKCE-based logins with optional support for refresh tokens, stored securely using Node-Keytar.

You can download the package from NPM:

# Installing electron-auth0-login
npm install electron-auth0-login --save

# Installing peer dependencies
npm install request request-promise-native --save

Initialising is simple. Just add the following to main process code:

import ElectronAuth0Login from 'electron-auth0-login';

const auth = new ElectronAuth0Login({
    // Get these from your Auth0 application console
    auth0Audience: '',
    auth0ClientId: 'abc123ghiMyApp',
    auth0Domain: '',
    auth0Scopes: 'given_name profile'

Have a redirect URL whitelisted for https://{your-auth0-domain}/mobile.

Now, when you want a token, call auth.getToken and electron-auth0-login will either return a token in memory (if valid), use a refresh token (if enabled) or kick off a new Auth0 login flow.

Full details on the project’s readme:

Give it a go, and do raise issues on Github if you have any problems.

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Hey @jbreckmckye1!

I’ve moved it to our Community Corner and set the tag to Show your Auth0 so as to get this post to a wider audience looking for similar tools.

Thanks a lot!