Issue with using Auth0 and Google

I am following the instructions here:
I am on a free plan and my domain name is the generic

I updated my app on Google to Production, but the google team complains that

"As your application is meant to be production, please remove the following development URLs and update at least ONE production redirect URI and/or Post Message Origins URL in your console .

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @ankuraga,

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Can you post a screenshot of the warning? I can’t get my console to display it.

Hello… On signup or login universal window I use react-native-auth0 sth but my issue is that on several occasions the token is not returned or it can be returned after several tries. Is there a wày to go about this. Because I’m afraid of rolling out the app for testing since I can’t seem to explain the mishap. Thanks

It’s not an error thrown by Auth0, but an issue with GCP team. Attached is a screenshot from my email.

They seem to complain about the URIs

Do you have a URI in the Client ID for Web application settings? I have mine set to production and I don’t get this warning.

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