Issue about login redirection

Hello everyone,
I need 2 infos or answers.

First, Is it possible to embed auth0 in my ionic angular app? So don’t go to chrome to signup or sign in?

Secondly, I have set my callback url in config file and I’m executing this code:

onLogin() {
      next: (isAuth) => {
        if (!isAuth) {
            .pipe(mergeMap((url) =>{ url, windowName: '_self' })))

but after sign in the app tries to go to this url but it is going back to login page…
So I see 1sec my menu page but finally I go to login page…

What is currently?
Login Page (click) => Auth0 Login (callback) => menu page(go to ) => login page

What I want :
Login Page (click) => Auth0 Login (callback) => menu page

If someone has an idea please?

Thank you