isLoading from useAuth0() is always false

Hi! I have a question about how isAuthenticated and isLoading works.

Im trying to redirect to login if isAuthenticated is false AND isLoading is false too, that way I know that the requests are completed.

So, Im doing

const { isLoading, isAuthenticated } = useAuth0()

if (!isLoading && !isAuthenticated) {
   return <Redirect to="/login" />
//should go here when isLoading is still true, before isAuthenticated takes its final value (true or false). Instead, go to login because isLoading is always false :(
return <Loader /> 

But the login appears once FLASHING before the app finally redirects to home, because isAuthenticated is initialy false and isLoading is ALWAYS false so… first goes to login and then to home page when isAuthenticated change to true.

How is this posible?