Is this imposible to use New Universal Login type in Passwordles mode?

As you probably know, Auth0 has two types of Universal Login: New and Classic.
Our previous demo was created using New one, which looked really nice. In case, when we need to use PasswordLess mode, we are forced to use Classic one, because this flow requires Auth0 Lock usage that is unavailable for the New type.

There is one really sad thing due to this new reality, we cannot use such an amazing feature like Device Biometrics (TouchID, FaceID…) with is unavailable in Classic Universal Login as we can see here (Screenshot by Lightshot).

I found a way how to get Device Biometrics back, it is possible to apply different Universal Login Types for each Auth page, so I took Classic one only for Login. It works fine, but UI looks inconsistent and different due to different Universal Login types usage for different pages. I was playing with Lock API, however, the only way to make it look like New Universal Login is CSS overriding (what Auth0 itself doesn’t recommend to do here Lock UI Customization).

I believe all of those troubles are done in case of usage own front-end components. But, for the demo, I cannot make it looks pretty having a deal only with the Auth0 admin panel and Locks.

Hey there!

Passwordless can be used both with New Universal Login and Classic one the thing is:

More on that here: