Is there a way to disable auto login right after signup

Hi Everyone,
We are using Auth0 for federated authentication with Sitecore for our website’s external visitors.
Right after signup, it logins the user, we don’t want such functionality. Is there any config or settings ootb or we need to do it via rules or actions?

How is the flow started? From an application requesting an authentication? If not, how does the user get to the signup page?

Auth0 does sign up + login when an application request an authentication/authorization from the user. The user is presented with the login prompt with a signup option to create an account. In these cases, since the application requested an authentication it is assumed that the user will log in after the signup.

Auth0 also has API endpoints available (the public signup endpoint and the Management API user creation endpoint) for special cases where you only need to create the user without login.

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Hi @nicolas_sabena from our application, a user is redirected to the Auth0 Univeral login page where the user clicks on Register for an Account link