Is there a REAL Solution For Cypress.i0? That works now? A branch I can view

I have searched and searched and searched for a real solution to Auth0 and I am not exactly sure what will work. I am able to call your API to get the token and everything, but I just don’t seem to get logged into via Cypress. Can anyone point me to a real solution that will work? A YouTube video a branch. to view? I am using Angular 12 and I have .NET Core API, I mainly want to get logged in via cypress and be able to run my test. VERY FRUSTRATING there is not a simple way to solve this problem. I blame Cypress.IO and may go away from them. I have tried all the searches on google and I wonder if things are just out of date. HELP!!! PLEASE!!

Perhaps I am do something wrong. When my app is not authenticated I get directed to Auth0 to login-in all of that works in my app. When I use cypress of course it does not like the redirect. So in my mind I call the API, I get the access token and token_id and put them in a local storage (or perhaps a cookie, not sure) and auth0 should not try to redirect me. Am I on the right track with this? I can call the API in cypress I can get all the information, and I even tried this is POSTMAN and I see the info I need. HOW DO I TRICK Auth0 and Cypress into using these items and not sending me to the Log in page??? I realize I might have to set the local storage and/or cookies each time I run a test, but I simply can’t get this to work. I will ask this same question in the Cypress.IO community. I am not an IDIOT engineer and I just think these things should be seamless. It keeps people from really testing because the set up is tricky. I realize this is not Auth0 Issue, more Cypress.IO

I found a hack which comes with some risk. First we are CURRENTLY stubbing all our API calls in cypress. So we do not ever hit the API which needs to be authenticated. We are focused on testing the front end, not how it interacts with the API. Though we will focus on this once we figure out how to stay authenticated with Cypress. This is a stop gap solution to keep us moving. We are in angular. So this is an Angular solution for the problem.

I created a SecurityModule that includes everything we need for Auth0 to run, so our App.Module imports this and App.Module knows nothing about security… I then created a SecurityTestModule which is really the class SecurityModule… THIS MODULE REMOVED ALL SECURITY FOR THE APPLICATION, then in my Angular.json file I set up a config for testing, so when I serve for testing we ng serve config=testing (not sure that is the right command, but you get the gist). I also run this on a different port 4201… I make all my cypress test only run on this port… So I just removed security from the app and thus… YES THIS IS RISKY, because some idiot could push that code to production. That idiot would be me, We will write some cypress test and other test to ensure no one can do this. We will also move the code to staging first, and actually test the app there, it will get moved to production from staging… YES THIS IS RISKY, but this is what I have to do until we figure out how to make Cypress.IO work with Auth0