Is there a full React Autho0 documentation?

Is there a full reference documentation for React SDK? This one Auth0 React SDK for Single Page Apps is fragmentized and leaves a lot of questions for beginners:

  • What are all fields of the useAuth0 hook?
  • Where to find documentation for each field of the hook?
  • What are all fields of the user returned from the hook?
  • Why should I call getAccessTokenSilently to get an access token while an access token is already acquired in the background by the SDK while getting user information on page load?
  • Should I call getAccessTokenSilently every time before making an external API call? Will this function request a new token on every call?
  • How can I store access tokens in my app and renew them when they expire?

Many questions from a beginner and no consistent documentation. Every piece of the information is located separately.

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that as all of these are valid questions. As this is SDK related question it would be best to address this directly with the SDK maintainers. Would you mind cross-posting it as a GitHub issue in the SDK repo here so we can work on that with the maintainers?

Thank you!

Once you do that please share the link to the issue here with us so we can ping them!