Is it possible to remove Google Play link from MFA screen in Universal login?

I have a React native iOS app which uses universal login with MFA. The app was reviewed and rejected by Apple Appstore review because on MFA step there is a Google Play link (Push via Auth0 Guardian is enabled).

On Universal Login/Multi-factor Authentication I cannot find anything which can help me to hide it.
Is it possible to config this somehow?
Push via Auth0 Guardian cannot be disabled because of app requirements.

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Let me research that for you and get back to you with the info soon!

Hi @konrad.sopala , is there any info about this problem?

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Sorry for the delay in response. If you are giving your users the option for push notifications MFA and not only SMS then it unfortunately needs to be there. I checked our docs and the only thing I managed to find was this:

It’s for New Universal Login, not the Classic one