Is it possible to pass an extra param to the social sign-in providers?

In our case, a user has predefined localization.
Is it possible to pass some parameters to configure a locale of a sign in page?

Hey there!

You want the sociala login buttons to be displayed in the user language or what? Can you provide more context? Thank you!


Here is the characteristics of our app:

  • SPA written on React.JS
  • Internationalization
  • Authorization via social auth providers and passwordless (we use Auth0 for that)

In our case a user can choose the language for the whole app that they prefer. And here we have a light inconsistency between our app and the login flow that we have with third party authentity providers due to different translations that the user is seeing. We know that Facebook/Google are using user’s browser locale to adjust the translation of their pages and this locale might contradict with the language that the user chose for our app.

So we would like to have an approach where we might adjust the translation of the third party login page as Google login page or Facebook login. Are you able to give us some clarification about that?