Is Guardian included in the developer plan?

I’ve went through quite a few threads about this, but it’s unfortunately not clear to me. The prompt to upgrade to a paid account isn’t clear about what’s account type is required for Guardian use.

" Upgrade your subscription to our Developer Pro or Enterprise Plan for access to the DUO and One-time Password factors. Contact us to discuss options for enabling other factors such as SMS and Push via Guardian."

(The message does mention Guardian, but it says “Push via Guardian”, which means to me adding push functionality to Guardian requires a sales call, but it doesn’t convey if Guardian itself falls under an enterprise plan or not).

Can you explicitly state what plans would fall under Guardian use?

Hi @theogravity,

At this time, the best way to confirm this is with the sales team via a meeting. I can refer you to for information, but it does not include every nuance of the pricing schedule. You can use the chatbot or the talk to sales button to set up a call.

Thanks for reaching out, I hope this helps.


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